Without a doubt, video is one of the most highly-converting content types you can use to advertise just about anything right now, and this is surely not going to change
for the next 10 years.

85% of US internet users watch online videos, 87% of digital marketers use video content, and video has the potential to increase organic traffic by over 150%, according to a Wordstream report.

Therefore, if you work in the field of digital marketing, you can be sure that spending a little more time to create a high-quality (or even medium-quality) video can help you market your products effectively.

But where do you begin when it comes to writing the script and creating the video? Here are a few suggestions and best practices for making a marketing video that will work incredibly well.

Video Editing Tools

You might be wondering what to use specifically to create and edit a professional video. You’ve probably used your built-in software to make a straightforward, one-frame, unedited video which you have then uploaded on YouTube. Well, there’s nothing wrong with this method if you run a small business with a tight budget. More important than whether or not the video is extremely professional is what it offers.

However, you should experiment with a few different kinds of software and tools if you want to take it a step further. Here are a few of the top video tools to try this year, with examples.

You can upload animated videos to your website using Animaker. Demos can benefit greatly from animation, particularly if your product is suitable for children, or even if it is not. The tool is very simple to use and has a significant impact, especially if your audience leans towards the quirky or creative end of the spectrum. Additionally, it’s a fantastic option if you want to make an explainer video.

Animoto is a different affordable choice that you might want to check out. Any type of video can be used with it, and you can even add your favourite song as the background music.

Additionally, the first 30 days of using Moovly are free to try out. There are numerous templates and themes available that can be used for almost any kind of marketing campaign or sector. This one is designed for more experienced users, but if customization is something you’re interested in, it also gives you more options.

Format Of Video

It’s very crucial to decide what kind of video(s) will be most effective for your business or a specific marketing campaign as well as for your intended use before you even start to write a video script. Here is a list of the various categories of videos.

Branding Video

If you’re marketing yourself, your brand, service, or self-business, then these are really just introductions to those things. You have the chance to share your mission-critical story and message. Short videos of this kind are ideal, and they look great on an About page. If you’re making a video for the top of the sales funnel then this type of video is what you needed.


Consider using an explainer video to add some colour and vigour if your product or service is a little more difficult to use or if it is the kind of product that benefits from visuals and step-by-step instructions. For instance, having a video explaining various uses and recipes can be very helpful if you are selling a kitchen accessory. These kinds of videos can be beneficial to your audience even before they decide to buy the product; for instance, if you offer a special recipe, viewers are more likely to link your product to that recipe. This type of video is one of the effective Video Marketing Scripts strategies.

Vlogs and Webinars

VLOGS are excellent marketing tools for the portion of your traffic that has made or is about to make a purchase. This fits well with services and educational products at the bottom of the funnel.

Videos Focused on a Business or Event

People are becoming more and more conscious of the businesses they patronise, and as a result, they frequently take an interest in knowing what happens behind the scenes.

Making a video is a great way to be open and honest about the ethical business principles you uphold every day, such as using eco-friendly products and paying workers a fair wage. People are more likely to buy your product when they are aware of these kinds of details.

To ensure that your customers have a clear understanding of both the company culture and the types of relationships you have with customers, you might also want to include events or promotional activities in this type of video.

Steps Of Scripting

You should begin writing your script once you’ve found a tool that fits your needs in terms of budget and level of expertise. The steps for writing a fantastic script are listed below.

1. Make A Outline

Writing a video marketing script is about telling a compelling story, just like any other writing or marketing project. The video itself should be brief and to the point in this situation, but it might need to be longer depending on your goals.

Having an easily digestible outline that you can distribute to everyone involved in the video’s production is the goal of creating an outline or brief. You should make sure that anyone else in charge is on board with your tone and brand messaging, which is also important for discussion.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Marketing goals
  • Purpose of video
  • Emotional response you want from the audience
  • Project participants
  • Call to action
  • Educational or informative points of the video

Ideas for post-production marketing plans

The project outline will be based on the accompanying brief, and your outline should make clear the actual plot of the video.

2. Writing The Script

Don’t worry if you’ve never written a video script before; you still have a few choices. You can hire a writer with experience, find a friend who is an actor, or just write conversational copy as you normally would if you are experienced in doing so.

The idea is to develop a distinctive narrative that is brand-focused and action-oriented. To establish the best call-to-action for your brand, product, and advertising platform, one piece of advice is to start at the end and work your way back.

Things to keep in mind:
  • Which is the major call to action?
  • What would excite you to watch the entire video?
  • When using social media or other platforms, what types of content do you find interesting? How do you search for YouTube videos and find them?

Consider keeping your script simple as you write it. The visuals are more likely to be the way to make the video stand out, and of course, the best marketing videos use the ideal blend of text and visuals.

You’re just giving a viewer something interesting to think about to leave them with a
positive impression; your script doesn’t need to be wordy or complicated.

3. Practice & Tweak

After you’ve finished writing your script, you can do a table read before you start filming your video. It goes without saying that if you have people performing significant voice components, this is especially crucial.

You must begin practising well in advance of the due date because occasionally you’ll discover that the table read doesn’t go as smoothly as you had hoped. However, you can always use a laptop as a teleprompter if you don’t have a lot of time for practice.

Final Words

There are numerous ways to create a video, and depending on your level of expertise, you’ll probably want to seek advice from professionals at least once during the process, even if it’s just for editing and finalising the audio if you only have a collection of straightforward clips, for example.

For today’s digital marketer, creating videos is a highly valuable experience and skill. Don’t be shy about asking for assistance, and have fun while you’re learning.

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